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PERIDOT SYSTEMS is Best HADOOP Training institute in Chennai with placement.
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Peridot is proud to introduce job oriented IT Training courses with globally accredited certification on all platforms that have wider scope in the existing IT Job Market.
BIG Data Hadoop Architecture
• ✔Introduction to BIG Data Hadoop
• ✔Parallel Computers vs. Distributed Computing technique
• ✔Hadoop Instalation on your system
• ✔How to install Hadoop cluster on multiple nodes
• ✔Hadoop Daemons introduction: Name Node, Data Node, Job Tracker and Task Tracker
• ✔Exploring the HDFS Apache Web UI & Exploring HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
• ✔architecture of Name Node (FsImage, EditLog & location of replicas) Secondary Name Node architecture
• ✔Data Node architecture
Map-Reduce Architecture
• ✔Exploring JobTracker & TaskTracker
• ✔How a client submits a Map-Reduce job
• ✔Exploring Mapper,Reducer,Combiner
• ✔Shuffle: Sort and Partition
• ✔Input and output formats
• ✔Job Scheduling (FIFO, Fair Scheduler, Capacity Scheduler) and Exploring the Apache MapReduce Web UI
Hadoop Developer Tasks
• ✔Writing a Map-Reduce programme
• ✔Reading and writing data using HDFS
• ✔Java BIG Data Hadoop Eclipse integration
• ✔Mapper in details
• ✔Reducer in details
• ✔Using of Combiners
• ✔Reducing Intermediate Data by Combiners
• ✔Writing Partitioners for Better Load of Data
• ✔Balancing and Sorting in HDFS
• ✔Searching Data in HDFS
• ✔Indexing data in HDFS
• ✔Hands-On Exercises
Hadoop Administrative Tasks
• ✔Routine Administrative Procedures
• ✔Understanding the dfsadmin and the mradmin Block Scanner and Balancer
• ✔Health Check of Cluster & Safe mode
• ✔Data Node commissioning and decommissioning
• ✔Jobs Monitoring and Debugging on a production
• ✔cluster Name Node Back up and Recovery in case of name node failure
• ✔ACL Upgrading Hadoop (Access control list)
HBase Architecture
• ✔Introduction to Hadoop Hbase
• ✔RDBMS vs. Hadoop HBase
• ✔Exploring Hadoop HBase Master & region server
• ✔Column Families and Regions
• ✔Basic Hadoop Hbase shell commands.
Hive Architecture
• ✔Introduction to Hadoop Hive
• ✔Hadoop HBase vs Hadoop Hive
• ✔Installation of Hive
• ✔HQL (Hive query language)
• ✔Basic Hive commands
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