Dance and Dance Studio Chennai

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Dance Studio is especially been designed for dance lovers and dance learners.
Latin dance, Salsa dance, cha cha dance classes and workshops to provide you with the skills, technique, and experience that you need to fulfill your dancing goals. Typically most students come to us with very little or no experience and start at the Beginner level.
The first purpose of dance is probably ritual – appeasing a nature spirit or accompanying a rite of passage. But losing oneself in rhythmic movement .

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At DanceandDance Company, the teaching is at a new level and is also very stimulating as it works on combining energy, elegance and a lot of movement.

From the beginning, the company aims to develop talent into a profession through quality techniques, with a wide genre from salsa to hiphop. Here at DanceandDance we strive to educate everyone on the pure form of dancing which is recognized all over the world and it can be danced all over the world.


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