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We are a professional family looking for a full time live in nanny/chef/driver/housekeeper/home nurse to look after our two children for 6 days in a week Monday -Saturday. Applicant must be reliable, honest individual with experience in care of babies and children. You will need to be fun and energetic and enjoy taking them out to the park and local groups that run activities for small children you must also be kind and patient and enjoy the company of children.

The children are both very sweet and well behaved and have good manners. We are a warm family and would treat anyone who works for us with respect and kindness.We are often away at weekends.We respect your privacy and when you are outside of your hours we and the children will leave you to enjoy your time off in peace and in return we like our privacy too.

The employee will have his or her own bedroom with TV set and internet Facilities, with a personal bathroom, and also a car to drive around If necessary needed.There is a lot of goodies for someone who is ready to be part of my family like private car and a big room, huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area.The employee/ worker will be required to drive : If he or she have the interest and there is also a wireless broadband internet in the house.


AU PAIR/NANNY:£2000Mothly weekly allowance £300
DRIVER:£2000 Monthly weekly allowance £500HOUSEKEEPER:£2000 Monthly weekly allowance £100
CHEF: £2000 Monthly weekly allowance £500
HOME NURSE:£2000 Monthly weekly allowance £300

Note:Before you contact:This job is located in United Kingdom (London ) not other country. If you are willing to apply you should know you are applying for a job in UK, If you are applying from other country you need a valid international passport.If you are interested in the job you can contact me via my private email

Contact Person: Mr Charlie George
Mobile Number : +447087649316
Thanks God bless you
Mr Charlie George.


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