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SAP QM Module Training Call+91-99626-84524

I) SAP Class Room Training:-

After completion of this configuration Training you will be getting 25% weight age on your profile.

Course Duration 42 hrs
Timing Week Days: 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends 3 hrs per day
Method Class Room Training
Breaks As Required, but limited to total of 5 min. in a day
System Access 60 days (from day-1 of the course.)

Overview of SAP QM Module:-

• Procurement
• Production
• Sales and distribution
• Customer service
• Quality and inspection planning
• Basic principles
• Overview of quality and inspection planning
• Basic data; General master data
• Basic quality and Inspection planning data
• QM inspection plan

II) SAP Real Time Project:- (30 Days)

After completion of Level-1 Configuration Training we are arranging for Real Time Project, You need to go to the manufacturing sector and do the following Implementation process;

After completion of this real time project you will be getting 55% of exposure on your profile.

SAP suggests to go for ASAP Methodology which contain 5 phases;

1) About the company

1.1) Company profile
1.2) Company business process

2) Project kick off strategy

2.1) Brief presentation on ERP and its benefits
2.2) Brief presentation on SAP Modules and its implication
2.3) Identification of Modules that suits business
2.4) Brief presentation about ASAP methodology and its benefits
2.5) Identification of core team member

3) Requirement gathering

3.1) Identifying the existing business process AS IS Study
3.2) AS IS document preparation
3.3) Identifying the GAP
3.4) Mapping the business process into SAP

4) Business blue print preparation

4.1) Business blue print document preparation
4.2) BBP Review with core team members
4.3) Identifying RIEFCW
4.3) BBP Sign off

5) Realization Phase

5.1) Identifying the system landscape
5.2) Configuring the business process in SAP
5.3) Configuration document preparation
5.4) Internal auditing
5.5) Testing the configuration Unit testing
5.6) Unit testing document preparation
5.7) Unit testing sign off
5.8) Integration testing
5.9) Integration document preparation
5.10) Integration document sign off
5.11) Transporting the configuration to other clients
5.12) External auditing
5.13) User training document preparation
5.14) User Trial & test
5.15) User acceptance data preparation
5.16) User acceptance test sign off

6) Final Preparation

6.1) Identifying User roles & authorization
6.2) Master data preparation
6.3) Cut over activities

7) GO – live

7.1) Uploading master data
7.2) Initial uploading of stock
7.3) Maintaining all open items in SAP
7.4) Supporting day to day activities
7.5) Month end activities by closing MM posting periods
7.6) Excise utilization on every month end
7.7) Year end activities training to core team members

Level-3 Training:- (18 Days)

III) Professional Resume Preparation:- 3 Days!

IV) 3 Levels of Technical Interview – 15 Days!

Total Time Period: – (Configuration Training) 42 Days +
(Real Time Project) 30 Days +
(Profession Resume Preparation) 3 Days +
(Technical Interview Preparation) 15 Days
Total = 90 Days!

Total Days to Complete SAP Course and Get Ready for SAP Placement is required minimum of 90 Days!!

Course Fees: 35,000 INR

1. Level-1 Training:- 45 Days!

1.1 SAP Class Room / Online Training.
1.2 Assignment Completion -10 Topic
1.3 Presentation Completion – 5 Topic
1.4 Mini Project Training
1.5 Integration with Cross Module

2. Level-2 Training:- 30 Days!

2.1 SAP Real Time Project – 30 Days!
2.2 In plant Training
2.3 AS IS Documentation
2.4 TO BE Documentation
2.5 Business Blue Print Documentation
2.6 Configuration in DEV System
2.7 Testing in Quality System
2.8 Data Upload in Pre Production Server
2.9 Go Live Activities in Production System.

2. Level-3 Training – 15 Days!
3.1 Professional Resume Preparation
3.2 Personal Round Interview
3.2 Technical Interview 3 Levels
3.3 HR Placement Activities.

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