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    Reflective Sheeting
    •CAMAT® Reflective sheeting provides long term reflectivity and durability, with an improved optical package to increase nighttime safety. Its unique prismatic construction provides a high level of retro reflectivity for multiple traffic control situations. Non-metalized microprismatic lens reflective sheeting is designed for production of traffic control signs, work zone devices and delineators.
    ProductfilmcoloradhesiveTotal thickness(mm)Application Temp.(°C)description
    Warning tapePVC/PETRed & white, black & yellow, blue & white , Green & whiteSolvent/30/50/135-5-40Definitive color patterns that alert of danger
    Reflective warning tapePETRed & white, black & yellow, blue & white , Green & whiteSolvent135-40-70Reflective brightness by light. Suitable for park, vehicle ,road traffic sign, Working safe sign and all danger area alerting for day and night
    Reflective sheetingPETWhite, yellow,red , green, black, brown, bluesolvent100-150-40-70Can be Printed convenient to cut in computer and colorful, also for working safe sign, advertisement sign ,housing estate, garden sign and so on
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