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    Model No.XHC-550078-USB
    Panel Size55” INCH
    LENSCover glass 4mm
    OCALOCA 0.2mm
    SENSORITO glass 1.1mm
    FPCFlexible flat cable 0.3±0.05mm
    Mechanical Characteristics
    Outline Dimension(mm)1273.6mm*744.4mm
    View Area(mm)1213.6mm*684.4mm
    Input MethodFinger or conductive pen
    Hardness≥6H 7H 9H options
    InterfaceIIC USB RS233
    Touch points10 Touch points, others options
    Electrical Characteristics
    Operating VoltageDC 1.8 V, 2.8V, 3.2V,5V options
    Insulation Resistance>20MΩ At DC 25V
    Response Time90% options
    Total Haze <3%
    Processing Environment
    Operating Temperature-20℃~+70℃
    Operating Humidity≤90%RH
    Storage Temperature-30℃~+80℃
    Storage Humidity<90%RH
    II、Xinhechang promises to customers:
    1. Never provide a bad touch screen.
    2. Never use a touch screen like assembly or repair.
    3. Never use inferior materials.
    Shenzhen xinhechang technology co., LTD. – a manufacturer of various kinds of touch products specializing in 1.17 "inch-85" inch.
    Companies rely on industry-leading capacitance screen design and production technology, and application based on the industry,
    focusing on improving the user experience, create application value, for the global customers with a variety of professional intelligent touch-screen display solutions and the most thoughtful and professional technical services.Our vision is to become an intelligent touch control display industry with technology leading edge and influential brand service provider.
    III、Common Applications:
    1. Intercom systems: Video door phone, video peephole viewer, phone etc.
    2. Safety and Security: Monitors, touch PCs
    3.Consumer Electrics: Advertising players, TVs, ATMs etc.
    4.Telecommunication Devices: Telephone, Interphone, watch, radio, etc.
    5.Home Appliances: Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Home Integrator ,digital photo frame
    6.Industrial Control: Homostadial Numerically-controlled machine tool
    7.Instrument and Apparatus: Tester, Medical instruments
    8.Vehicle-mounted Digital: MP3, MP4 and vehicle-mounted air conditioner
    9.Mining: Mine's lamp charger, gas tester
    10.Marine: Salinity tester Customized Multi Touch

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