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    Use and characteristics:
    The machine accurate pressing on the paperboard and high quality of the cutting, using the full computer control, fast automatic order changing, thereby reducing the waste shutdown, improves the production efficiency.
    ● High quality imported industrial computer and high performance programmable logic controller to constitute the upper and lower computer control system.
    ● High quality linear guide, high precision ball screw transmission.
    ● Store 999 sets of orders, to achieve non-stop automatic change orders or manually change orders.
    ● Automatic tracking production line speed, to ensure its synchronization, can be connected with the production management system, compatibility.
    ● For a single fast, change a single time 3-8 seconds, select the two machine and can be used to achieve a quick change of single function.
    ● Thin tungsten steel alloy blade, blade sharp, life of more than 8 million meters long.
    ● Using a patented passive sharpener, compact structure, convenient maintenance.
    ● The computer automatic or manual knife sharpening, edge trimming knife, improve production efficiency.
    ● The selection of three type of line pressing convex to concave (three layers), convex to concave plate and a convex to flat, three types of line pressing can be converted electric and line pressing depth can be automatically controlled by a computer, and linear good, easy molding.
    ● The use of imported synchronous belt transmission, high precision, long life, low operating noise.

    Service Commitments
    Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
    A: Quality is priority. We always regard great importance to quality controlling from the very small thing (even a small screw we will choose the best quality) from the beginning.

    Q: What is your after-sales service?
    A: Our after-sales service is first class. We have a powerful team to help you solve problems.The Warranty is one year and if the machine is damaged by natural not by human, we can send the new parts to you for free.

    Q: What is the terms of payment you accept?
    A: 30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T balance before delivery. We also accept L/C and Western Union.China Slitter Scorer Machine factory

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