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    Western travelers who had visited Yaomei Peak praise it as the “Eastern Alps” for its breathtaking beauty.There are three beautiful alpine valleys lying at the foot of Mount Siguniang – Shuangqiao Valley in the west, Changping Valley in the middle and Haizi Valley in the east. If we say the four snow peaks are the dream destinations for trekkers who want to experience serious challenging climbing, then the three valleys are the paradise for all the people who want to enjoy the fun and joy of hiking or walking which is enjoyable at moderate pace and full of opportunities to explore nature landscape.Mount Sigunian, located in Xiaojin County of Sichuan Province, is only about 220km’s driving from Chengdu. So we specially designed this tour for you to travel conveniently from Chengdu to Mount Siguniang, and spend two full days to hike two most featured and beautiful valleys – Changping and Haizi. It is suitable for most people, including family with kids, youth, adults and seniors.
    Day 1 Chengdu – Dujiangyan – Rilong
    Day 2 Changping Valley Hiking
    Day 3 Haizi Valley Hiking
    Day 4 Mount Siguniang – Chengdu
    Day 1 :Chengdu DujiangyanRilong
    Accommodation:Economy Hotel in Rilong Town
    After breakfast, you will be picked in your hotel, and be driven to Mount Siguniang. With a distance of about 260km, Mount Siguniang is the closest snow mountain from metropolis in the world. To enrich your experience, you will visit the famous World Heritage Site Dujiangyan Irrigation Systemand Ying Xiu Town ruined by the terrible Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. While driving cross the Bala Mountain(4532m), you are able to have the first exciting glimpse of Yamei Peak(6,250) which is the highest peak on Mount Siguniang. The final destination of today is Rilong, a small Tibetan town at 3,100 meters above sea level. Take a good rest here.
    Tips: 1) we haven’t added your arrival day and possible sightseeing days in Chengdu for it’s a specialized hiking trip to Mount Siguniang. If you want to spend one or two days in Chengdu to visit Giant Panda and other sites, just ask us to add Chengdu in the itinerary in your inquiry; 2) hiking wearing: warm, comfortable and firm clothing to protect from cold and wind; comfy hiking shoes or boots depending on the terrain; sweat-absorbing socks; a long sleeved top that is tightly woven to protect against the sunlight; a cap that can cover neck and ears; Lightweight rain jacket.
    Day 2 : Champing Valley Hiking
    Accommodation:Overnight in Rilong Town
    Walk several hundred meters from your hotel to the tourist center of Changping Valley, then take a sightseeing bus to Lama Temple (5km) which is starting point of today’s hiking. The rest roads are walking path only available for human and horse. Changping Valley, about 29km long, locates at the foot of Mount Siguniang. Walking in the valley is like an inconceivable trip to Shangri-La. What flying into your eyes first are the vast and prosperous wild forests formed by dense and tall ancient trees. At the end of the forests are many long stretches of green meadows connecting dominating snow mountains. Walking leisurely through the wild forests, follow the walking trains along the clear streams to chase some landscape you have never seen – ancient withered trees standing in lakes, red stones arrayed by nature, peaks like camel, mushrooms, pure plateau lakes reflecting the giant peaks, flocks and herds leisurely wandering… You will return back to Lam Temple after reaching Red Stone Array.
    Tips: 1) The scenic department also provides horse for transferring luggage and riding in case you get tired of walking; 2) you’d better bring sun cream, sun glasses to protect yourself from strong sunlight; 3) there is no any restaurant in the valley, so you have to bring some food and drinks with you; 4) avoid strenuous activity to prevent from possible high altitude sickness.
    Day 3 :Haizi Valley Hiking
    Accommodation:Overnight in Haizi Valley
    Today, you are going to take an adventure hiking to another valley nearby – Haizi Valley. Compared to Changping Valley, Haizi Valley is wider and mysterious. And so far there is no any road constructed for vehicle, which make it less crowding and protect the wild features here very well. Haizi, in Chinese means lakes and ponds. As its name applying, Haizi Valley has more than 10 beautiful plateau lakes and ponds scattering among wild forests, meadows, flowers, green mountains, giant snow peaks…
    The first half of Haizi Valley hiking features in walking on plateau meadows and having the most magnificent views of Mount Siguniang – dominating snow peaks under clear blue sky, cloud sea, flag clouds, sunset… The second half of Haizi Hiking lets you revel in the best photographic works shot by best photographers in the world – lakes which mostly are wide and large, and surrounded by high mountains with diverse sceneries of different colors. The pure water reflects all the scenery clearly in the lake like mirrors … Your will stop at Dahaizi Lake and return back to Rilong town.
    Tips: we recommend you hire several horses in your group to transfer your luggage and ride when you want to take a rest.
    Day 4 :Mount Siguniang Chengdu
    Accommodation:Overnight in Rilong Town
    Wake up in the peaceful morning in Rilong Town. After breakfast, you will transfer back to Chengdu. On route, stop at Maobiliang(bridge of the cat nose) which is about 7km from Rilong to view the panoramic views of Mount Siguniang. Say goodby to Mout Siguaniang, and keep driving to Chengdu.
    Booking Instructions
    1) Send your request through our website form or send us an email at . With each inquiry, please include the following information:
    a. Your desired destinations;
    b. Departure date
    c. Length of your trip
    d. Your name, email address and country of citizenship.
    We will confirm your inquiry with a reply within 24 hours.
    2) You can call us directly at our service center at +86-28-62713478 or +86-17713533996(available on whatsapp,skype,wechat,viber),also come to our office in Chengdu in person to make reservation is highly welcomed.
    We highly recommend you that you reserve your tour at least 30-50 days before the actual travel date. We will send you a letter of confirmation
    via email once you have confirmed your booking with us, informing you of the your proposed flights, hotels and your trip details.
    2. Payment Methods
    We can confirm your tour reservation with a payment of 30% of the total tour cost plus 100% of the cost of any flights or train tickets required for your tour. You can then pay the balance due for your tour to our local staff after your arrival in Lhasa.
    3. Luggage Allowances
    The regulations of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China states that, the free baggage allowance within China is 20kg (44 pounds) for economy class flights, 30kg (66 pounds) for business class flights, and 40kg (88 pounds) for first class flights, plus limited carry-on luggage. Excess baggage charges are the sole responsibility of the traveler. Regulations within China specify that all suitcases must have a locking device attached. Failure to follow this regulation may result in refusal by airport staff to load suitcases onto the aircraft.
    4. Itinerary changes and cancellations
    We make every effort to operate tours as listed on our website, however, we reserve the right to modify the itinerary, or substitute the activities, hotels, meals or transportation as we deem necessary. We also have the right to cancel a trip at any time prior to its commencement for every reason, like unforeseen circumstances, or circumstances beyond our control. In this cases we will re-book you on different day, however if we are unable to rebook you, we will issue a full field claim.
    5. Meals
    All of our tours include a daily breakfast. Lunch and dinner is not included as we prefer to give the freedom to our clients to try the local food by themselves. Meals are usually served at the hotel. Dinner may also be served at a local restaurant. Although we cannot guarantee special meal requests, we will do our best to provide you with specialized dietary needs for meals as well as your special needs for hotel rooms such as adjacent or connecting rooms, bed sizes, etc.high end Hike Packages

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