Manage entire Hosiery Process in one single application with GST invoicing

Unbelievable but true..!!

All activities Purchase, Inventory, Production, GST Invoice, Accounts in finger tips…!!!

Now manage all your hosiery activities in our single application like Item Entries, Purchase management, Production Process, Inventory Management, Supplier management, Agent tracking, Party/Customer management and GST invoicing.

Enhance and track your production management like Knitting, Processing (Dyeing), Sub-Processing (Winding, Steaming), Cutting, Stitching, Ironing and Packing subsequently.

You can monitor each process thru creating Lot No. which tracks the fabric in production after Knitting process from Dyeing to Packing to control the fabric count and cater in quality assurance.

Job Vendor Module is a unique application to withdraw their work as fabric compliance, product as stock and payment continuously using Issue and Receipt format.

We exclusively designed application of payment management system with their Bank ac. Details covers Agents tracking their payments, Supplier payments, Job Vendor payments and much more.

Our Hosiery Process Application maintains a good relationship with the Party / Client like clear formatted GST invoice, on time shipment, Payment enhancement, Party or Customer invoicing and payments received receipt.

Our Hosiery Process Management System accommodate complete accounting like Profit & Loss statement, Daily service bills, Daily expense ledger, Ac. Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, etc.

Please do call and install our software to go on SMART WORK.

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August 21, 2017