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    high frequency precision welded square pipe mill equipment/machine
    square pipe mill equipment of scope of supply and service
    1Uncoiler1 setManual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic expanding
    2Shearing and butt welding1 setManual/Pneumatic/Hydraulic cutting
    3Accumulator1 setVertical/Horizontal
    4Forming & Sizing unit1 setDC motor/AC motor
    5Flying cutting saw1 setHot friction cutting/Cold cutting
    6Run-out table1 set
    7Solid High frequency welder1 set
    square pipe mill equipment of technique data (TY89):
    1.Coil thickness: 1.2-4.0mm
    2.Producing pipe size: Ф35mm-Ф102mm
    3.Line speed: 0-70m/min
    4.Operation area: L56m X W5m
    square pipe mill equipment Parts of Line
    5.Double heads Decoiler——————————–1 set
    6.Shear & butt welding device————————-Optional
    7.Horizontal accumulator——————————–1 set
    8.Forming & Sizing unit———————————-1 set
    9.Hot frication saw—————————————-1 set
    10.Run out table (single side discharging)———–1 set
    11.Control system——————————————1 set
    12.Roller——————————————————Optional / prepared by Buyer
    13.Pneumatic system————————————–Prepared by Buyer
    square pipe mill equipment of Welding pinch frame
    Type: 3 rollers pinch
    Shaft diameter: Φ50mm
    Material of shaft: 40Cr (HF quenching)
    Adjusting: Manual screw adjusting
    square pipe mill equipment of Suzhou Tianyuan
    Q:What is the specification of large caliber stainless steel welded pipe?
    A:Specification for large caliber stainless steel welded pipe:
    Diameter 3mm-76.2mm
    Thickness 0.25mm-3.0mm

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