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    Sliding platform hydraulic plane cutting machine
    This sliding platform hydraulic plane cutting machine is applicable to cutting of various non-metal materials, such as leather, fabric, foam, EVA, rubber gasket, plastic etc). The machine is equipped with the automatic sliding platform, which can reduce labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency by 30% with high speed.
    The description
    The main view of sliding platform hydarulic plane cutting machine
    The details
    The start button and guard fence
    Main technical specifications
    Maximum Cutting Force300KN
    Tension distance/mm50-150
    Cutting area/mm1600*500
    Stroke adjusting range/mm5-100
    Motor power2.2KW
    Feeding motor power0.37KW
    The characteristics of hydraulic clicker press
    1. With the specially designed oil way system, automatic slow cutting can be realized when the materials are pressed, the error between upper and lower layers is reduced, unnecessary low speed travel is reduce and work efficiency is enhanced.
    2. The sliding platform adopts variable frequency speed control with stable running and without impact.
    3. The machine adopts PLC control, touch screen operation with simple operation and reliable running.
    4. The machine is provided with the central oil supply lubricating system, which can carry out sufficient lubricating of the moving parts of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine.
    5. Operation by two hands is safe and reliable.
    6. The special cutter height setting system is simple and reliable.
    7. Products of special specifications can be made to order.China Manual Die Cutting Machine