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    Best Mobile App Company in India | Vertex Solutions

    Enhance your efficiency, customer satisfactions, sales and fantastic growth with an ultimate mobile apps. Make your business more smart and stylish around the globe with mobile apps !!

    Vertex Solutions is a mobile app development in India. We have developed innovative mobile app for various sectors like Manufacturing industries, Car Service stations, Car Wash centers, Car detailing centers and vehicle services ,Plumbing and Electrical Industries and so on.

    In Car Wash centers and car detailing centers our app can be used as POS etc and it will simplify the service and increase the productivity.

    Manufacturers can manage the product catalogs, orders, services, targets achieved by Distributors and Dealers, Sales reports, Service reports, Marketing reports, Service registration, Feedbacks, installation and troubleshooting guidelines in the mobile apps etc

    Plumbing and electrical industries can manage product catalog management, customer management, technician management, manage orders, manage warranty and services by scan QR Code, manage product returns by scan QR code, basic sales and service reports, advanced sales and service reports, installation manuals, videos, FAQ, mobile analytics, web admin panel etc

    We will give best mobile apps based on your functionality and needs. We are offering ultimate mobile apps at discounted prices from 20,000 and split up payment options based on your preference. Do not miss the great benefits. Contact the demo and more details We are happy to help you

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