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    Product Description
    This arc neodymium magnet is made of grade N45 NdFeB magnetic material under ISO 9002 quality systems. It is magnetized though thickness with N pole on the inner diameter. Ten pieces of this arc magnets can form a perfect circle with OD=32mm, ID=20mm and height=6mm.
    Materials: Sintered NdFeB, grade N45
    Gauss Rating: 13,800 gauss
    Hcb: 11.6 KOe
    Hcj: 12.00 KOe
    (BH)max: 46MGOe
    Working Temperature: 80 degree celcius or 176 Fahrenheit
    Pole Orientation: through thickness. The N pole is on the inner diameter
    Coating: Ni+Cu+Ni plated. the best coating available.
    All magnets are fragile and may break but if used properly it can last for a life time
    Keep it away from pacemakers and children under 5 years oldChina Arc NdFeB Magnet suppliers