Online Multi user Home Appliances Retail Management Software at Vertex Solutions

Managing the Customers, daily collections, purchase, sales, inventory, outstanding and accounts can be done in fingertips with the help of automating the tasks with the help of applications.

Automation can be done by using our Home Appliances management software.

It can be used to maintain each and every tasks of the company electronically. There is risk of misuse and loss of data in manual billing and inventory.

Data or monetary lose can be avoided by using our application and it can be operated through mobile at fingertips.

Our software deliberately pertain safety, security in stock calculation, stock management, purchase, etc. and easily can manage whole sellers, distributors, door delivery persons, marketing executives, agents along with their payment collection as well.


Support : All the engineers are certified and well experienced and will satisfy the requirement of our customers.

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August 5, 2017